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Obesity is a condition when the body weight is more than what is considered healthy weight for the body. An index called BMI [Body Mass Index] index is used to determine if an individual is obese or not.

Obese people lose thier briskness and agility. Obesity is the host to a whole world of medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, unbalanced good and bad fats, and many more ailments. Thus, when it comes to body, then lighter is better .

How to know whether I am obese or not?

The Metric Imperial BMI Formula is:
BMI (kg/m2) =(weight in kilograms)/(height in meters2)

Based on the BMI value, adults are classified into following 4 categories:

What are the causes of obesity?

It's very easy to become obese, thanks to the progress of mankind. Gone are the days when people used to hunt, travel for miles in search of food and shelter. We still travel for miles to our work place but the only element of health is the short walk to the car. We have become spoilt as most of us go in circles trying to get the closest parking spot to our destination. There are numerous such examples present with us.
Thus, causes of obesity are:
  • Unplanned healthy quick meals due to time constraint.
  • Fast food .
  • Couch potatoes easily become obese as they snack while watching their favourite programs in television .
  • Smoking and excessive drinking. Undue mental stress .
  • At workplace, sitting in front of computer for around 8 hours of thw work day.
  • Exercise or physical activity is grossly lacking amongst the "modern office" at work, "idiot box" at home and "car" between the two places.

What are the guidelines for obese people?

A combination of all the steps works the best:

  • Plain hot water should be drunk after meals.
  • Everyday the first thing which should be intaken is a glass of tepid water mixed with 2 spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 2 spoons of honey.
  • Simple changes in eating habits should be made like a healthy well-balanced diet should be eaten, which includes right amount of carbohydrates along with less fats and sugars and high intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans.
  • The best way to lighten oneself is to do physical activity and right exercises in a disciplined manner combined with sensible eating.
  • Stress should be controlled as it leads to weight gain.
  • Goal of reducing weight and plan of action should be written.
  • Progress should be monitored weekly to see if one is on the track otherwise the plan should be revised.